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Access over 120,000 government documents from the collections of the Ontario Legislative Library and the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks

Early records of the debates in the provincial Legislature were simply reported in newspapers, and the provincial archives then clipped and bound these reports into a series of scrapbooks.
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Materials contained herein are protected by Crown copyright (unless otherwise indicated), which is held by the Queen's Printer of Ontario. If credit is given and Crown copyright is acknowledged, the materials may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes.

The materials may only be reproduced for commercial purposes under a license from the Queen's Printer, with the exception of Government of Ontario legal materials (statutes, regulations and judicial decisions). For additional information on reproducing Government of Ontario materials, please contact Publications Ontario:


This collection does not contain all Ontario government documents. Documents have been taken from publicly accessible government websites and may have been reformatted from their original format for archiving purposes.