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About the Ontario Government Documents Portal

The Ontario Government Documents Portal provides searchable access to over 120,000 government documents.

The portal provides access to 90,000 government documents, with the ability to search across millions of pages of full text from the eArchive collection of the Ontario Legislative Library. The collection consists of textual monographs, serials, newsletters and press releases, dating from 1867 to present day. Updates are added on a quarterly basis. The documents are accessible as downloadable PDFs.

The Ontario Government Documents Portal also provides access to over 8000 documents from the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks, dating from the 1960's to now. The documents are accessible as downloadable PDFs.

If the items from the collections of the Legislative Library and the Ministry of Environment are also hosted by the Internet Archive, then we provide a link to that item record in the Internet Archive. The Internet Archive has additional formats available, including DAISY for print-disabled users.

We have also included the ability to search the collections of the OCUL Government Information Community, the Ministry of the Environment and the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, digitized and hosted by Internet Archive. The government publications from the Internet Archive include Ontario Sessional Papers and the Official Report of Debates (Hansard).

This project is a collaboration between OurDigitalWorld and the Ontario Legislative Library. Since 2008, the ODW Ontario Government Documents portal has supported widespread access to content created by government agencies.

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