Walleye (Fish)

Development of regulatory options for walleye sport fisheries in southern Ontario

Issued also in French under title: Élaboration d'options réglementaires pour la pêche sportive du doré dans le sud de l'Ontario. MNR 52001. Subject(s): Walleye (Fish) - Ontario, Southern, Walleye fishing - Law and legislation - Ontario, Southern, Fishery management - Ontario, Southern. Archived by library: Feb. 13, 2006

Incidental harvests and estimation of their efforts for Lake Erie walleye (Sander vitreus) commercial fisheries

Includes bibliographical references. 'Incidental catch and harvest of a fish species is the catch from the fisheries that are not targeting the species but retain the catch for fishers' harvest. Commercial harvest of walleye in Lake Erie consists of targeted and incidental harvest. From 1993 to 2009, Ontario's multiple species commercial fisheries produced an average of around 530000 kg incidental harvest of walleye per year, and the number was translated to 0.020 exploitation rate or 0.024 fishing mortality rate for the period.

Range Expansion of Walleye in the Grand River Watershed Upstream of the Caledonia Dam Since 1988

Includes bibliographical references and appendices. 'In 1988, walleye were present in the main channel of the Grand River upstream to the Penman's Dam in Paris, in the lower Nith River to the dam in New Hamburg, in lower Fairchild Creek and in Puslinch Lake. Authorized and unauthorized releases of walleye have resulted in naturally reproducing populations in Conestogo Lake and Belwood Lake. Walleye are also present in suitable habitats upstream and downstream of Belwood Lake and Conestogo Lake.