Alternative voting technologies report

Appendices 1-4 included in main report. Appendix 5, Network voting business case printed as separate document. Includes bibliographical references. 'The report was prepared to comply with section 44.3 of the Election Act... The report contains two documents that describe the work we have completed in the past three years. The first document is a report that summarizes our findings and research process. The second document is a copy of our business case. Together, they present a thorough review on alternative voting technologies and pave a clear path for where we would like to go with alternative voting in the future.'-- p.i Subject(s): Electronic voting, Internet voting, Electronic voting - Ontario, Internet voting - Ontario, Voting - Technological innovations - Ontario, Electronic voting - Security measures - Ontario. Archived by the Ontario Legislative Library: June 28, 2013.

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Document: 323148.pdf (2013)

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